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Anne-Marie, Iain and their lovely daughters

August 7, 2010

I feel as if I am always going on about the weather but it makes such a difference! And we were so lucky last Monday as we had a lovely warm and sunny afternoon to walk, run, paddle, and take photographs on Loch Eilein, near Aviemore. Anne-Marie and her family were a joy to be with and I think we got some lovely photographs of them all. Please feel free to add your comments……





Anne-Marie-5629 Anne-Marie-5633 Anne-Marie-5635 Anne-Marie-5659 Anne-Marie-5664 Anne-Marie-5667 Anne-Marie-5682 Anne-Marie-5684 Anne-Marie-5695 Anne-Marie-5699 Anne-Marie-5708 Anne-Marie-5709 Anne-Marie-5716 Anne-Marie-5721 Anne-Marie-5735 Anne-Marie-5750 Anne-Marie-5759 Anne-Marie-5805


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